Ariphrades sods his tongue and stains disgusting moisture to his beard through the vulva.

Many passages within the classics, both Greek and Roman, make reference to the cunnilinges swallowing the menstrual as well as other secretions of females. Aristophanes usually speaks with this. Ariphrades sods his tongue and stains disgusting moisture to his beard through the vulva. The exact same individual imbibes the feminine release, ‘And tossing himself on the he drank all her juice.’ Galienus is applicable the appellation ‘drinkers of menses’ to cunnilinges; Juvenal talks of Ravola’s beard being all moist whenever rubbing against Rhodope’s privities; and Seneca states that Mamercus Scaurus, the consul, ‘swallowed the menses of their servant girls by the mouthful’. The exact same author defines Natalis as ‘that guy with a tongue since harmful as it’s impure, in whose mouth females eject their monthly Purgation.’ Into the Analecta of Brunck, Micarchus posseses an epigram against Demonax for which he claims, ‘Though living amongst us, you sleep in Carthage,’ i.e. during your day he lives in Greece, but rests in Phoenicia, because he stains the monthly flux to his mouth, that is along with for the purplish-red Phoenician dye.

“In Chorier’s Aloisia Sigea, we find Gonsalvo de Cordova referred to as a great tongue-player (linguist). When Gonsalvo wished to apply his mouth to a female’s components he utilized to state which he was going to Phoenicia or to the Red Sea or to the Salt Lake–as to which expressions compare the salty sea of Alpheus and the salgamas of Ausonius and the ‘mushrooms swimming in putrid brine’ which Baeticus devours that he wanted to go to Liguria; and with a play upon words implying the idea of a humid vulva. Since it had been stated of fellators (whom sucked a man user) grannies for sex which they were Phoenicising since they observed the instance set by the Phoenicians, so most likely the exact same term had been placed on cunnilinges from their swimming in a sea of Phoenician purple. Hesychius defines scylax (dog) being an erotic position like this thought by Phoenicians. The epithet excellently defines the action of the cunnilinge pertaining to the position assumed; dogs being notoriously dependent on licking a female’s components.”

Sodomy in Ancient Rome

Leonard C. Smithers and Sir Richard Burton had written into the records of “Sportive Epigrams on Priapus”: ““Paedico methods to pedicate, to sodomise, to have pleasure in abnormal lewdness with a lady usually into the feeling of to abuse. In Epigrams 10, 16 and 31 jesting allusion is built to the damage done to your buttocks associated with catamite by the introduction regarding the ‘twelve-inch pole’ of Priapus, and Ausonius talks associated with battered clazomenes (incusas clazomenas), or buttocks of the passive. By calling the clazomenes hammered (battered) Ausonius shows that they usually have become refined by having offered being an anvil. Martial directs an epigram against Carinus, whoever anal area had been split and lacerated by their extortionate indulgence in these methods. [Source: “Sportive Epigrams on Priapus” interpretation by Leonard C. Smithers and Sir Richard Burton, 1890,]

“Orpheus is meant to own introduced the vice of sodomy upon the planet earth — In Ovid’s Metamorphoses: ‘He additionally had been the first adviser for the Thracian individuals to move their like to tender youngsters’ — presumably in consequence of the loss of Eurydice, their spouse, along with his unsuccessful try to bring her to planet once again through the infernal areas. But he paid dearly for their contempt of females. The dames that are thracian celebrating their bacchanal rites tore him to pieces. FranГ§ois NoГ«l, but, states that Laius, dad of Oedipus, ended up being the first to ever get this to vice understood in the world. The son of Pelops, as a catamite; an example which speedily found many followers in imitation of Jupiter with Ganymede, he used Chrysippus.

Amongst famous sodomists of antiquity could be mentioned: Jupiter with Ganymede; Phoebus with Hyacinthus; Hercules with Hylas; Orestes with Pylades; Achilles with Patrodes, as well as with Bryseis; Theseus with Pirithous; Pisistratus with Charmus; Demosthenes with Cnosion; Gracchus with Cornelia; Pompeius with Julia; Brutus with Portia; the Bithynian master Nicomedes with Caesar. The Gauls to Caesar yield, Caesar to Nicomede, Lo! Caesar triumphs for their glorious deed, But Caesar’s conqueror gains no victor’s meed. [Source: L. Pomponius]

“An account of famous sodomists ever sold is offered when you look at the independently printed volumes of ‘Pisanus Fraxi’, the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (1877), the Centuria Librorum Absconditorum (1879) plus the Catena Librorum Tacendorum (1885), the lists there provided including such names as Alexander of Macedon, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henri III of France, Peter the Great, &c. Those thinking about the topic are called to your Thesaurus Eroticus Linguae Latinae, under articles ‘Aversa Venus’ and ‘Paedicare’, and can get the brochures that are following of reading: ‘Un aim Curieux des Moeurs PrivГ©es de la GrГЁce’ (an essay by M. Octave Delepierre on sodomy between the ancients), Gay, Paris, 1861, and Socrates sanctus Paiderastes, by Gesner (translated into French beneath the name of Socrate et l’amour Grec, by Alcide Bonneau), Liseux, Paris, 1877.