Vastu Strategies For Happy Marriage. Vastu results in a pleased life that is married every few imagine.

Life becomes peaceful and joyful if for example the wife works with to you.

Vastu defects could cause non compatibility with wife. Everyone desires to live an effective and peaceful life. You desire to live a full life that is enjoyable and delighted, however you have no idea why you then become sad whenever you arrived at your home. You may possibly feel you are quite delighted if you are a long way away from your own home, you are able to feel some swift changes in moods whenever you type in your home. naughty somali chat room From the vastu viewpoint, in the event your house just isn’t in appropriate stability, it might cause sadness, issue in relationships etc.

Like nature all five elements (planet, water, fire, air and area) come in stability. Your house also can be balanced here is a need to understand the significance of framework that may gain you. Stability the five elements at home because all the five elements is connected with each way.

Northeast of your property is related to water element. Start space in northeast of household is wonderful for relationship and finances. Having water aspect in this way without touching the diagonal axis is great for funds. In the event your monetary condition is great, this has a good influence on your relationship. An under ground water tank is great in this direction and even though over head water tank can be water element, however, if it really is in northeast way that may be stressful for you personally. Pooja space in northeast quadrant can also be good. Bed room in northeast could be the explanation of lot of stress. Lavatory, kitchen area, shop room and a lacking northeast corner can cause stagnation in relationship.

The southeast of your dwelling is connected with fire element. Kitchen, electric equipments are positioned in southeast of home are great for lively relationship. Prevent water elements in southeast as water and fire cannot live with one another. When there is cut southeast part, your relationship can be experienced. Master suite in southeast may cause quarrel in household.

The northwest of your dwelling is related to atmosphere element. When there is a cut corner in northwest or less available area in northwest, it would likely cause not enough communication between family unit members. Correspondence could be the base of any relationship so that it can impact your relationship with partner. There is psychological uncertainty as a result of northwest that is blocked. Toilet and visitor space are suggested in this way this could result in communication that is proper assists in stability of relationship.

The area that is southwest of household is related to planet element. Southwest master bedroom is useful in security of relationship. a southwest that is extended cut corner in southwest could cause conflicts in relationship. A shop room in southwest is just a wise decision. Bathroom, kitchen and under ground water tank are not advised in southwest, it may impact a relationship.

Center of home (Brahmasthan) is related to area element. a messy center of household or no available room for the reason that section of home could cause bad interaction in relationship. Bathroom, kitchen and under ground water tank in the heart of home might cause disagreement.

Vastu methods for delighted wedded life


  • Keep room when you look at the south-west of the home.
  • Prevent room in south-east as this will be a hearth. It may trigger the clashes between your few.
  • Destination sleep into the portion that is southwest of bed room. Avoid putting sleep in north and eastern area associated with the room. It would likely cause mental anxiety and instability that is financial.
  • Keep head-side associated with sleep in south way.


  • Don’t use Northeast room if you are newly wed few.
  • Never put the sleep under a beam. It might probably cause effects that are bad wellness.